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Latest News

Locke Street Audio is pleased to announce the addition of the world-renowned Kef Loudspeakers to our product line up. Kef is one of the world's most storied speaker companies and have been responsible for some of the most innovative advances in speaker technology. Their Uni-Q drivers deliver point source imaging and are coveted by audiophiles the world over. Kef also recently improved on the historic LS35a by introducing a 50th anniversary edition called the LS50. This is the first upgrade to the LS35a in 50 years and is now in stock and on display for audition.

David's Blog
David's Blog is intended as a resource for audio enthusiasts. I will be sharing some of my experience and knowledge accumulated over some 35 plus years of being in and around the music and audio industry.
Recomended Listening
Recommended listening is a section with reviews and advice on recordings. I'll dive into which pressings or version of a particular recording is the better one. I will be covering vinyl LP's, and digital formats including the new high definition downloads.