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We've been on a quest to find the Holy Grail of leather-covered headphones and Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay H6 headphones (pictured above) come pretty close. We wouldn't expect anything less from the Danish company, whose high-end products are renowned for their unique look and quality since the 1920s. The H6 features high-quality materials such as aluminum, cow leather and lambskin, for a an aesthetic sure to appeal to old and young alike. These headphones are comfotable and have an "honest" and neutral sound, playing back music the way the artist intended in the first place. They are a fresh alternative to the chunky, bass-booming headphones that have been flooding the market lately. Now in stock and ready for audtion.

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David's Blog is intended as a resource for audio enthusiasts. I will be sharing some of my experience and knowledge accumulated over some 35 plus years of being in and around the music and audio industry.
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Recommended listening is a section with reviews and advice on recordings. I'll dive into which pressings or version of a particular recording is the better one. I will be covering vinyl LP's, and digital formats including the new high definition downloads.